Messed up


So today I think I messed up…

I had two clients book for today and thought to myself, well this means I don’t need to advertise.


Wrong! The morning client didn’t reply and so I had to advertise later on in the day. Now I know people are busy with work and what not so they book early in the morning so it is sorted out.


So now on a day that I could have been working happily I alas won’t be.


This annoys me most because I had to turn away wonderful clients who are genuine and wanting to have some time.


If you can’t make it… ABSOLUTELY NO PROBLEM! Honestly. Stuff comes up. It’s called life and we all have responsibilities in our lives. Even escorts have commitments and responsibilities!

I think I’m just a bit sad that I haven’t been able to see genuine clientele today =(

I’ll stop now lol

Hope you all have a bit of spice in your day today!

Alexandra xx

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