Superhero’s right next to my warm center =D

Guys and girls I hope you are having the time of your lives!

I have been asked by my wonderful clients if I would mind them having my knickers and socks to remember me by later on, so they can bathe in the aroma and relive our naughty times together.

To this I say hell’s yeah!

I mean I absolutely love the smell of some people and simply cannot get enough. It’s like perfume or aftershave, that one scent can send a bombardment of images through your minds, the sheer association of the scent.

So for all you lovely guys and girls who would like to by my under garments, I am setting up a selling page!

Ok so you my laugh at some of my choices of everyday underwear but hey I’m young and loving it! Anyways who doesn’t love a superhero or to right next to our warm centres?

Just me? Lol ok I accept that =D

So I have gone on a mega shopping trip and bought my everyday undies and socks. I will also be selling my undergarments from when I am working and they won’t be washed!

We have:


Trainer socks:

  • Black ankle socks, that I will have worn all day in my everyday life

Stockings, black with lace on the cusp:

  • That I will wear during a work times
  • Worn in my everyday life that I will be wearing inside my

Knickers, shorts and thrill things:


  • Frill trim silk/lace thong in stunning green and black

Short knickers:

  • Entice lace trim short knickers in a stunning emerald green and jet black
  • Lace knickers in a variant of colours
  • Blue ribbon and cotton white short kickers which are my absolute favourite!

Superhero short knickers,

  • Batman
  • Spiderman
  • Of course Wonder women!

Cartoon short knickers:

  • Mr Men
  • Tatty Teddy
  • Harry Potter – Gryffindor
  • Star Wars
  • Scooby doo
  • Winnie the pooh

I know they are random but they are so soft against me I just love it!

Happy shopping from Friday!

Be good and if you can’t, be good at it! xx

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