Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen,

So, I miss going to swinger clubs!

I use to go to swinger clubs something like 4 times a week! With working and trying to move house it has been hard to have any play time =(

After so many clients have asked me to go to swinger clubs with them and me saying no because they are mainly at the weekend. I have changed my mind and decided… well I need to have fun to, and what better way to do so then with a gentleman and some like minded people?

So, the fun is beginning. I have my first client who would like to go and have fun and I’m beaming!!! I absolutely cannot wait to go and have fun. Honestly there is a huge smile and a glint in my eye just typing this!

Meeting a group of like-minded people and getting to fuck as much as we both want? ERMMM no brainer, me thinks!

So, what is your favourite swinger club to go to???

Please let me know. I have a few which I will never visit again and others that I would buy stocking in if I could! Also, my original one which was Eureka’s in Kent! Thank you, guys, for opening my eyes up to the world of swinger a naturist’s! =D

Alexandra xx



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