Swingers R Us

Hello there,

I hope all you cheeky monkeys didn’t get into too much trouble over the weekend… even if you did I hope you were safe!

Let me ask you this…

Why do you go to the pub or club??? Simple… to have a laugh AND GET LAID. Right? =s

Well I’m not sure why spending all your hard-earned wages on buying drinks for people left right and centre when you could come to a place where it is BYOB and most people are up for a serious laugh and a rumble in the sheets. I have had more fun in swinger clubs than anywhere else. People are so open, honest and upfront with everything. What to talk to some? Go and approach them with a smile and there you go. It is as simple or as hard as you want it to be.

There are clubs where it is couples only where the ratio of men to women is equal! When you have me on your arm as well, many more people will come and approach and we will be able to approach others. There are so many different clubs up and down the UK waiting for you to explore!

Think about it and let me know what you think. I really would love to hear from you all to see your opinions.

Remember, if you can’t be good, BE SAFE!

Alexandra xx

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