Logo Completed!!! Happy dance!!!

Its finally here. I have worked my big ass off trying to achieve a good logo that is not just pathetic and sad looking. Instead I wanted a logo that was eye catching, simple, non-invasive and above all, meaningful to me. I mean what is a logo without some meaning behind it?

Did you know colours have a million identifying properties to them? I sure as heck didn’t. I mean I knew red was a sign for angry and to stop. Did you know orange is a colour that brings out aggression and is confrontational? Sheeh, again this girl didn’t know.

So, I finally decided blue was the way forward. After all it is a great colour against black. Right? =/ Lol.

But WOW the symbol, so Celtic and so me. It also has a million things that it represents. Being Irish I felt I added from my roots. I am even going green right now for the good old Irish.

I don’t know I’m just so happy that I pulled up my big girl pants (after I found them) and got it done, and well, even if I do say so myself!

So, it is complete. I would love your input to see what you think of it. So, hit me up and let me know. Good bad and ugly.

Thank you so much guys and I hope your all staying out of trouble ;D

Alexandra xx

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