Question Yes/ No Explanation
What is your phone number? =) 07504628487
Where are you based? =D I am based in Barking, but I work with
clients throughout London and East Anglia
What is your email address? =P Alexandramonsell@hotmail.com
Why can I not get a hold of you? =S I am so sorry, honestly, I am. I get very busy between
family, friends and work. You have done nothing wrong and I’m not ignoring you. I’m very honest when I do not wish to talk anymore to someone.
As I don’t want to get anyone in trouble, just let me
know when I can message back and I will when I can. Alternatively, if you email
me I can email whenever I can so you may get a response quicker.
Do you see couples? Yes I love seeing couples! Double the fun and I get to go with
both male and females! How could you not love it?
I would ask to talk to the female before hand however. I
like to know what she would like to get from this experience.
Are you hygienic? YES I shower before and after every single meeting. I don’t feel
right unless I have. Its like going on a date and smelling like you’ve just
been in the gym. You just wouldn’t do it. It wouldn’t feel right!
Do you offer unprotected? NO Oh hell no. I enjoy not having HIV thank you. Good luck
playing Russian Roulette
Is your name really Alexandra? Yes If you class a middle name as a “real” name, then yes, yes
it is.
Do you enjoy doing this? YES Who doesn’t enjoy meeting lots of new people,
visiting new places, and having your eyes rolling into the back of your head
Where do I sign up?
I just want a hand job, blowjob, massage, can I just pay £… NO I would like a unicorn that poos diablos, but hey, never
happening =P
Are you really independent? Yes I am to free spirited and to independent to be explaining
myself to anyone, let alone a boss. Sod that!
Are there any additional fees? No Apart from travel costs, if any, there is no other fees involved.
What are your rates?  =) Here is a link to my rates. Just click on it.
How can I book?  =D Click here for a link to a contact form. I’ll reply as soon as I can.
Alternatively just send me a quick text.
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